Bedwars… but not signed in!

If you play Minecraft, you will know Bedwars, the fun minigame about defence and attack. The main idea (if you know already, skip to the next bit) is that you have a bed to defend. If it gets destroyed and you and your teammate(s) die (or maybe just you if you’re not doing teams), then the team is eliminated and you lose. If you play it, then you will know that you have to be signed in to Xbox Live to play it, so it’s basically up to your parents to let you. Why? It’s because it’s a public forum. Well, unfortunately, my mum did not let me, so I can’t play. BUT, Sauron downloaded a map which is basically Bedwars, but without the players! We played it and had great fun. I built a skybase which, literally, had nine floors and a tower made of obsidian. You can imagine that it took me ages! The annoying thing is that, whenever I leave, for any reason, it always spawns me back at the lobby, and when I picked yellow team because my former team was unavailable, it turned out that Sauron had broken the yellow bed because he didn’t want a team that had nobody in it to win if me and him finished each other off in a fight, say, I knocked him off the edge and he delivered the killing blow with his sword while he was flying through the air to me, so, basically, I was YOLOing it. We aren’t allowed on now, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to know what happens. Byeeee!

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